Children’s Music – A Means to Entertain and Educate Children

In this modern age, parents normally find it difficult to spend quality time with their children as they have to manage both home and office together. In such a situation, children start staying alone and feel neglected. In order to help them overcome this deprivation, music plays a very vital role. Children’s music is nowadays available in CDs and cassettes forms. The music keeps children delighted all the while and entertains them in the absence of their parents.

The latest children’s music is meant to inculcate a jolly mood and overcome all boredom in children. It is usually composed of compositions that take children to a dreamy world where everything is full of fun, comedy and energy. Modern musical instruments such as guitar are also brought to use for this purpose. Some of the best known compositions are She Loves You, Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, Your Mother Should Know, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds and lots more. In fact, a number of the hits are complied in a single CD and then sold at reasonably low cost. The music CDs available are also classified in terms of providing education and also for health benefits to children.

After buying the children’s music, parents can now at least think of leaving their children at home under the guidance of a housemaid. All that a housemaid has to do is to play the CDs on music players till the kids’ parents return back. It keeps children absent minded about the unavailability of their parents, who can now do their work without any worries. The music helps to groom children, help them learn little things and also keep them fit and healthy.

In order to buy children’s music, it is not necessary for a person to invest a lot of money. In fact, nowadays, cheap children’s music is available that works equally well as compared to the costlier ones. One can use the CDs to educate and entertain the children and also give them lessons on health. One may not go to music stores in search of the children’s music. Information about cassettes and CDs is widely available on internet where several sites give complete and detailed information about the CDs and their prices. One can also place an order for purchase on these sites and the music CDs will be promptly delivered at the user’s address by these stores.

Network Marketing For Beginners – A Guide to Success

Network Marketing has become very popular over the past few decades. It may surprise you to know that between 2001 – 2005, the number of Americans who own network marketing businesses increased 15.5%, from 12.2 million to 14.1 million (now over 20 million). Worldwide, the sales volume is $109 billion with over 58 million people participating. Even a recent news report on CNBC reported very favorably on adults in America who have turned to NWM to supplement and sometimes replace their current income. If you fall into this category or would like to, this series of articles will help you succeed at what has been termed ‘The Greatest Business Model Ever Conceived’.

I would like to give you a brief introduction to Network Marketing, (Multi-Level Marketing, Network Marketing, and Consumer Direct Marketing will all be considered under the title Network Marketing or NWM in this article) The idea was born in 1934 with the invention of the multi-vitamin by a man named Rehnborg. Surprised? Considering the vast majority of NWM Companies are in the wellness Industry you may not be. His idea was brilliant. People were not well educated on the necessity of a diet full of vitamins and minerals. It took a lot of one-on-one education for people to realize how important these substances were. He designed a marketing plan that allowed salespeople to make money directly from selling the product and indirectly by receiving a partial commission from the sales of the newly trained salesperson. Research has now proven that our bodies really are deficient in certain nutrients. Today there is an awareness of a need that dates back to the beginnings of NWM. That awareness was caused by people telling people about something they came to truly believe in, something revolutionary and necessary for good health. 

Why would this matter to you as a beginner? Because it actually does not always start out all about the money. This is a little known secret about how the vast majority have enjoyed long-term success. Is it the initial hype or the integrity of the products and company that brings success? I have met a few marketers who come across like they are ‘at the top’ (Initial Hype). They are all about the money, they do not care about their team or how they make their money as long as they ‘Sell, sell, sell’, even if it is by dishonest means. They are doomed to failure in the long-run. When you know you are offering something of value to other people, whether it is to your family and friends or complete strangers, you do not want them to feel like they have been ‘sold’ something. Your goal as a Network Marketer is to ‘help’ them become aware of a need or understand something to a greater degree (Integrity).

When training a new Network Marketer to succeed on my team I have two objectives. First I want them to fully understand that they now offer THE SOLUTION to a common problem. Primarily that does apply to making money, because the current problem people need a solution for usually involves their finances. They also provide the solution to common health concerns but the point is they are there to help not to sell.

My second objective is even more important than the first. To qualify for training a person must convince me that he or she is goal oriented and willing to become a more intelligent, more educated version of themselves. Network Marketing, when done properly, will make you a better person. Reading and applying the industries top selling motivational books like ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill, and ‘As a Man Thinketh’ by James Allen can only improve your possibilities for success. The next article in this series, “Newbie Network Marketing – Tips and Tricks You Need to Know” will include information on how to obtain those books for free, as well as tips on building a solid team and walk-away residual income.

EMT Training in Mississippi for High Standards Out-Of-Hospital Care

In the state of Mississippi, individuals must successfully complete a state-approved EMT Training in Mississippi and gain competencies in on-scene care skills to be eligible to sit in the state-approved National Registry (NR) EMT examination for a Certification. The Division of EMS (DEMS) oversees the EMS training and certification in the state, ensuring Mississippians and visitors to the state receive high quality EMS care. Mississippi offers three levels of EMT training programs: Emergency Medical Technician – Basic, Intermediate, and Paramedic. The programs are at par with many other states and based on national education standards.

EMT- Basic is an entry-level EMS training. The Mississippi Vocational-Technician Education Division of the Department of Education provides the training program, with the cooperation of other state government’s education, EMS, colleges, and medical departments. The course curriculum includes entire basic life support techniques for injured or critically ill patients in out-of-hospital settings, and while in transportation. The duration of the course is 110 hours of didactic instructions. The students must also complete clinical lab and hands-on experience of 12- hours in a hospital setting and minimum 5 ambulance runs. The programs are offered through Mississippi Community College system that covers 17 community colleges, hospitals, junior colleges, and medical centres.


There are also necessary requirements of the Mississippi State Department of Health – Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (BEMS) that must be completed by the applicants prior to their enrolment in a training program. These necessities include:

  • Minimum age must be 18 years at the time of admission.
  • Should be able to read and write
  • TABE reading test score must be 10 or Act score of 12 for the test taken before October, 1989, and 12 for after October, 1989.
  • Valid Health Care providers CPR certification
  • Physically fit
  • Hepatitis B vaccination, prior to ambulance run and practical training classes.

The students can contact local community colleges for a training program Application and preconditions. The detailed information on current education for all levels of the training can be obtained by contacting the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (BEMS) office and on-line.

Moreover, the state of Mississippi recognizes the National Registry Emergency Medical Services Personnel testing as the state exam for different levels of EMS certifications. However, the applicants to the Certification examination must complete the National Registry requirements and Application process prior to schedule of the exam. Among the NR prerequisites for a NREMT exam, the successful completion of EMT Training in Mississippi is must for the testing eligibility.

Learning to Save Money For Children

Children must first learn the function of money before learning to spend and save money. Children can understand the simple concept of how money works when they are as young as 3. More often than not, a child sees a mother pays money and get something in return at a shop.

This understanding can be enhanced by repeated incidents and role play at home. Try showing your child using some money to get something in return.

When a child can understand this simple concept, you may educate him / her about ways to use money – which is to spend or save. This is the time to instill right values and behavior. You may educate a child about ‘How to Spend Wisely’. More often than not, a child will adopt the same spending habit as a parent if they are taught from young.

Children may thought there is a money dispensing machine whereby their parents simply key in few numbers and they can get as much money as they want!

Explain to your child where does money come from. Tell them daddy and mummy has to work to earn a certain amount of money each month. This portion of money needed to be shared for entire household and careful money management is needed before we run out of money.

Some reasons on educating why a child should save:

1. For daily lives (e.g. food and clothing) 2. For health care 3. For education

Educate your child that these are priorities which comes before toys and leisure.

In regards to how to save – you may want to start off with a coin box or piggy bank at home. Occasionally offer small amount for your child to drop into the coin box. Eventually, when the coin box is full, open a joint bank account with your child.

To reward you child for the good saving habit, you may get her balloon! This in turn would encourage her to continue saving money.

The ADHD Answers You’re Looking For

Parents look for ADHD answers…sometimes in the wrong places. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is often misdiagnosed and misunderstood, partly because so many kids are affected by it (around 3-5% of all children), and partly because adults somehow expect children to act up and misbehave at some point.

Below are the top five most common concerns of parents who have kids with ADHD. Hopefully, these ADHD answers can help guide you in your quest for effective ADHD management and treatments, as well.

Is ADHD just a phase?

Respected pediatric, psychiatric, and psychological associations have classified ADHD as a real disorder. It is not merely a phase that comes with childhood, in the same ways bed-wetting or lack of motivation is in fact, ADHD is widely accepted by specialists to be the most common mental disorder of children and adolescents. And while it is argued that ADHD doesn’t have a real cause and is harder to identify than most other physical and psychological conditions among kids, ADHD answers a lot of questions bewildered parents want to ask when they’re confronted with its symptoms. To make sure that you’re dealing with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, however, it’s best to approach a health care practitioner who specializes in ADHD to give your child full diagnostic interview and testing.

What are the most common symptoms of ADHD?

Parents looking for ADHD answers first have to observe if its most common symptoms are manifested in their kids. Core and vital signs include hyperactivity, pronounced inability to concentrate or stay focused, and being impulsive and disruptive. More often than not, the consequences involve trouble at school, downward-spiralling academic performance, fights with other children or persons in authority, higher incidences of injury, and other events that are usually believed to be caused by antisocial behaviour.

Aside from a thorough evaluation based of your child’s history (including health, family, and school matters), you may have to answer ADHD question sheets to verify and diagnose your child properly, as well as to detect if he or she might be suffering from an altogether different disorder.

Do I need to enrol my ADHD-affected child in a special-education class?

It is really up to you, the parent. But federal laws have made it mandatory for most schools to have the proper facilities for assessing and evaluating if their students have disorders like ADHD, which can hinder their education. This is further reinforced by the reintroduction of the Individuals with Disabilities ACT (IDEAS) of 1997. It guarantees the proper kind of services and public education for children aged 3-21 who have learning disabilities. Fortunately, it also lists ADHD as one of the qualifying conditions for special education. Your child’s school can provide the ADHD answers you seek, so set up a meeting with your child’s homeroom teacher, psychologist, or guidance counsellor. They can either offer an individualized education program, or in the case of less severe manifestations of ADHD, introduce behaviour therapy.

Behaviour therapy aims to answer ADHD question of can my child learn self-control in a classroom set-up? Understanding what triggers your child’s ADHD can be beneficial to school staff and ultimately, to students with ADHD. They can set up the classroom with specialized seating arrangement, modify certain school regulations and implementing a more structured system to avoid triggers, introduce activities that can improve social interaction with other kids, and also provide daily or weekly reports to parents about their kids. Nowadays there are plenty of ADHD answers to school-related questions, just as long as you keep the communication lines with your child’s educators open.

If my child has ADHD, will he or she be more prone to depression?

Clinical studies reveal the correlation of certain mood and anxiety disorders with ADHD: about 15-20% chance of co-occurrence with mood disorders, and about 20-25% for anxiety disorders. There is also a bigger chance of a child with ADHD experiencing sleep disorders, impairments in motor skills, memory, and cognitive processing, and being oppositionally defiant. Popular ADHD answers include medication and, as mentioned above, behaviour therapy. Both are important as long-term techniques to help your child function as well as he or she could in school, at home, or anywhere else.

Are treatments for ADHD expensive and effective?

Fortunately, there are now safe, natural, and effective ADHD answers for your child’s needs. Before, as soon as somebody gets diagnosed with ADHD, prescriptions for medication were routinely given to patients. And yes, these can prove to be quite expensive. A better alternative would be to turn to a more holistic approach that addresses everything about your child and not just their ADHD symptoms. Consider their diet, schedule, interests, and physical activities so you can come up with solutions that are tailor-made for them. For instance, getting them in organized sports and hobbies can help burn excess energy and also provide the chance for them to interact properly with kids their own age.

Also bear in mind that most prescribed ADHD medications are stimulants, which can further trigger hyperactivity. To answer a commonly asked ADHD question about medication, choose natural ingredients instead. Look for proven and soothing herbal and botanical extracts in prepared form, such as Hyoscyamus, which helps reduce restlessness, hyperactivity, nervous mannerisms like fidgeting, and outbursts. Also consider Tuberculinum which helps address irritability and is a natural stimulant; Arsen iod, an herbal extract that promotes balance and help to reduce frustration and temper tantrums; and Verta alb to soothe the nerves of hyperactive kids.